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Waterfalls of New Brunswick - A Guide
Waterfalls of New Brunswick - A Guide
292 pages
Pub date: April 20, 2010
Rights: World
Waterfalls of New Brunswick - A Guide
Nicholas Guitard (Author)

Whether you are an avid outdoors person who loves a challenge or a family looking for a great picnic spot, New Brunswick has a waterfall waiting for you! This is the first fully trimmed-out guide to New Brunswick's waterfalls, with full trails descriptions, GPS coordinates, driving directions, and fabulous photos. This book's goal is to make your waterfall forays as enjoyable as possible, ensuring you know what to expect on each trip to each of the 100 featured waterfalls —- in every corner of the province.

Notes on access will allow people to tailor their destinations to their needs. Some waterfalls may be seen from the comfort of a car; others are a short saunter off the highway, while some will require a longer hike on a marked trail system. For the most hardy, there are even a few that will require a hike through the wilderness, equipped with a map and GPS.



"A wonderful and useful book." — Julie Lefrançois, Directrice/Director, Bibliothèque Smurfit Stone Public Library

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