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Of Earthly and River Things
Of Earthly and River Things
240 pages
Pub date: October 5, 2012
Rights: World
Of Earthly and River Things: An Angler's Memoir
Wayne Curtis (Author)

In his new collection of essays, Wayne Curtis voyages back through the tributaries of his past, throwing a pastoral net over the backwaters of his childhood to ensnare the sepia-tinged moments of love, loss, and life lessons gleaned through his rise to maturity on the waterways of New Brunswick. As Proust recalled his past through the delicate taste of a madeleine, so, too, Curtis ruminates on growing up on the Miramichi, albeit through the more uniquely Canadian flavour of the home-cooked doughnut.

Curtis writes of the simple pleasures of fishing with friends, of an unforgettable first kiss, and of a grandfather who teased him that "all dreams that were told before breakfast had a better chance of becoming real.” Of Earthly and River Things is at once a nostalgic trek through history and elegy for a vanishing culture, a world where people were grateful to the river for its bounty.

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"Wayne Curtis is one of our very best writers." - David Adams Richards

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