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Mary Pratt
Mary Pratt
160 pages
Pub date: May 14, 2013
Rights: World
Goose Lane Editions, The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery & Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
Mary Pratt
Sarah Fillmore (Contributor)
Ray Cronin (Contributor)
Mireille Eagan (Contributor)
Catharine Mastin (Contributor)
Sarah Milroy (Contributor)
Caroline Stone (Contributor)

Luminescent paintings form the visual focus of Mary Pratt, a career retrospective that examines every aspect of Pratt’s unique creative journey. Pratt’s paintings have achieved iconic stature – Eggs in an Egg Crate, Salmon on Saran, Eviscerated Chickens, Cod Fillets on Tin Foil. She paints what she describes as “the stuff of life,” elevating the mundane to the monumental through her skilful, light-filled treatments.

This major book on her work, the first in almost twenty years, features five major essays by columnist and art critic Sarah Milroy, Catharine Mastin of the Art Gallery of Windsor, Mireille Eagan and Caroline Stone of The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery, Ray Cronin and Sarah Fillmore of the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, and as well as seventy-five colour reproductions of Pratt’s most renowned work, a chronology of her career, and a selected list of group and solo exhibition. Together, they form a conversation around Pratt’s technique, her influences and the themes that weave through and around her art — the role of place and personal biography, the passage of time, the very act of looking, and, of course, the “stuff of life.”

Mary Pratt is designed to accompany a major touring exhibition organized by The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. The exhibition opens in St. John’s in May 2013 and tours throughout Canada thereafter until 2015 with stops at the Art Gallery of Windsor, the McMichael Canadian Art Collection in Kleinberg, the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia in Halifax.


"The light in Pratt’s paintings seems sentient, a living thing, a pulsation or emission, imbuing the paintings with an erotic and almost mystical desire.” Canadian Art

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