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Stop Taking Orwell’s Name in Vain» By the Branta Webcrawler

Does it matter that “Orwellian” has become a conveniently meaningless cliché? Orwell’s literature says yes. The destructive power of squishy political language was at the heart of Animal Farm, as the sinister shift of the slogan “Four legs good; two legs bad” to “Four legs good; two legs better” over the course of the novel shows.
Jason Slotkin/The Atlantic

BookNet Canada: If You Build It, They Will Build» By the Branta Webcrawler

As the book industry focuses on reaching web-enabled readers, there’s an increasing need for technologies, like apps and APIs, that can be built quickly and altered often. This is why last month, a week before BookExpo America, New York played host to a significant publishing event: the Publishing Hackathon!
Neha Thanki/BookNet Canada


On Writing

Mental Floss//How 8 Famous Writers Chose Their Pen Names» By the Branta Webcrawler

Some pen names are fairly well-known for what they are. Most people know that Mark Twain was the alias of Samuel Langhorne Clemens. The outing of Richard Bachman as a pen name used by Stephen King was well-publicized and inspired King’s novel, The Dark Half. Some pen names you don’t see coming, though…
Matt Soniak/Mental Floss